The Power of Handmade The Beauty of Upcycling

Artesan is a sustainable luxury brand with a transparent design process. We use African craftsmanship in a contemporary way. We’re about individuality, self-expression and quality.

Advocating global style, while giving a platform to talented workers who keep their heritage alive the brand aims to achieve an effortless style, always simple but never boring. Second-hand clothes are given a new lease of life. Our craftsmanship is timeless quality.

All materials are sourced with sustainability in mind and this first collection is designed in London and produced in Cameroon. Our gender-neutral pieces of embellished utilitarian and reclaimed army workwear are incorporating delicate hand beadwork by skilled women artisans. Inspired by the meaning and quality of old-age beading traditions, we are creating a unique lifestyle brand with notions of timeless quality while empowering women from Africa.

Our collection is produced with respect for craftsmanship. We have a passion for everything heritage and for upcycling using artisanal production methods. These have been passed on for generations and are now celebrated in a contemporary way. #culturetowear